Dietary Supplement Manufacturers and Distributors

herbs-906140_1920 (1)Specialty Insurance Partners will continually create value for our partner clients by providing risk analysis, insurance placement, and risk management services for manufactures, formulators, wholesalers, distributors an suppliers.  We help manage the inevitable change in the domestic and global marketplace by providing expert dietary supplement manufacturer consulting services to ensure highly competitive rates, predictability and superior coverage on behalf of our clients.

Coverage Options

  • Products liability
  • Additional insured for vendors
  • Additional insured as required by written contract
  • Manufactures and formulators professional liabilty
  • Patent infringement liability
  • Voluntary product recall
  • Prop 65 defense coverage

Industry Commitment

Specialty Insurance Partners is actively committed to the dietary supplement industry. We are proud of our membership in and sponsorship of the American Herbal Products Association, the National Animal Supplements Council, the Natural Products Association, and several other regional associations committed to the safety, quality, legislative protection and promotion of the industry.